Gordian Holdings

Gordian Holdings is a market leading investor in secured debt and real estate portfolios in Cyprus. Gordian Holdings is authorized by the Central Bank of Cyprus as a Credit Acquiring Company and seeks to manage all loan and credit claims that it acquires according to best practices and in full adherence to applicable current regulatory frameworks and legislations.

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Real Estate - GoGordian 

The asset portfolio of Gordian Holdings is managed by GoGordian, the real estate unit of Gordian Holdings. GoGordian offers a diversified pool of real estate assets in attractive locations across Cyprus. Its properties include residential, touristic and commercial plots, as well as land for development, landmark buildings in prominent urban areas, commercial buildings and offices. GoGordian offers a rich selection of investment opportunities across a wide price range. 

Unless expressly noted otherwise, the properties presented in this website are owned by Gordian Holdings Limited or a wholly owned subsidiary of Gordian Holdings Limited. Where noted otherwise, Gordian Holdings Limited has been duly authorised by the owner of the property to advertise the property for sale. For the avoidance of doubt, Gordian Holdings Limited is not a real estate agent and does not provide any real estate agency services nor does it operate as a legal and/or financial and/or other professional advisor.