Gordian Servicing

Gordian Servicing Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus with registration number HE 430841 (“Gordian Servicing”) and is authorised by the Central Bank of Cyprus to operate as a credit servicer. Additional information for Gordian Servicing is available at https://www.gordianservicing.com/

Gordian Servicing provides to its clients under the terms of a servicing agreement and/or a general power of attorney and in line with best practices and in full adherence with applicable laws and regulations, the following non-exhaustive list of services: loan administration, debt recovery, property repossession, property management and administration and the promotion and marketing of properties for sale.   

Real Estate - GoGordian 

This website https://gogordian.com/ (the “Website/ GoGordian”), is operated by Gordian Servicing. GoGordian promotes and advertises for sale a diversified pool of real estate assets in attractive locations across Cyprus, offering a rich selection of investment opportunities across a wide price range.  Such real estate assets include residential and commercial plots, as well as land for development, landmark buildings in prominent urban areas, commercial buildings and offices. For the avoidance of doubt:

The properties displayed on the Website (each a “Property” and collectively the “Properties”) are not owned by Gordian Servicing. Gordian Servicing has been duly authorised (under and in accordance with the terms of a general power of attorney and/or a servicing agreement) by the owner(s) of the Properties to promote them for sale (each an “Owner”).  

Except for Properties which are marked “For Auction”, the details of each Owner are set out in the “Property Description” section of each webpage where the details of the relevant Property are set out.   

Gordian Servicing is not a real estate agent and does not provide any real estate agent’s services nor does it operate as a legal and/or financial and/or other professional advisor.